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This page contains a list of the themes, plugins and other services that help to run this website. I update it on a fairly regular basis, when I add or remove plugins and features from my website.




This website is based on the wordpress.org files created by Automattic.


Domain Name Registrar, Email Hosting and Website Hosting:


I used Gandi to purchase my two domains, ‘stephenhersee.co.uk’ for this website, and ‘hersee.me’ which I use for my emails. I also use Gandi’s services for hosting my emails, which is provided for free with the domain purchase, and their ‘S’ simple hosting plan. To use WordPress with Gandi’s simple hosting, you need an ‘MySQL’ and PHP package.



Current theme: Sydney and Sydney Child Theme

Former theme: Press Customizr Pro and Press Customizr Child Theme (Customizr Pro includes: Featured Pages Unlimited and Font Customizr)

When creating this website, I found that the Press Customizr theme suited my needs very well. The features in the pro version are also handy as they allow for easy customisation. There is a reason this theme is rated as one of the best WordPress themes!



Awesome Social Icons

Used in the widgets section at the bottom of the web page to show icons and links to my different social media channels.

Better Delete Revisions

This cleans up space in my database and removes old versions of pages that I no longer need.

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode (currently deactivated)

Contact Form 7

This is used of the contact me page. It has a very simple and easy to use interface and the shortcode implementation is very straightforward.

Crayon Syntax Highlighter

This plugin allows me to highlight code snippets so that they can be easily copied from the page they are on to the clipboard. It also formats the code so that it looks presentable on a page

Disqus Comments System

I use disqus for the pages on this site that I allow comments on. I personally find it much better than the default WordPress comments option.


I use this to store all messages that are sent to me via my contact me page. This is to make sure that I don’t miss ane, or if I accidentally delete an email, I still have the message.


This plugin helps to prevent spam. Nobody likes spam. I got fed up of receiving spam, and those horrible, blurry numbers and words .

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin allows me to create an XML sitemap and pass the information over to Google’s webmaster tools, and other search engines, so they don’t have to crawl my website for content.

Hierarchical HTML Sitemap

This plugin allows me to create an HTML sitemap, to help users navigate around my website, as it lists all posts and pages.

Insert Headers and Footers

This allows me to add custom code into the header and footer sections on the pages. It currently has my Google Analytics tracking code and custom Google Chrome for Android Header colour.

Jetpack (Enhanced Distribution, Manage, Monitor, Notifications, Omnisearch, Photon, Protect, SIte Varification, Spelling and Grammar, Tiled Galleries, WP.me Shortlinks, Widget Visibility and WordPress.com Stats)

Media File Renamer

This helps me change the URL of previously uploaded media files. Mainly used for files that I gave bad names when exporting from Lightroom.

Meta Slider

Used for the image slideshow on my homepage.

No Right Click Images

This stops users being able to right click on my images and save them.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

This plugin helps me to build custom pages and format them in a specific way.


Allows me to setup URL redirections, for example www.stephenhersee.co.uk/twitter redirects to www.twitter.com/stephenhersee. This is a simple example, but I also use it for some Flickr albums which have horrible URLs.

Regenerate Thumbnails

This helps to generate thumbnail images from my full resolution images.

Simple Lightbox

This plugin is used to provide a pop out image viewer on my image galleries.

SiteOrigin CSS

This plugin is a live CSS editor. It has helped me to customise the CSS for my website. I would highly recommend it for anyone who needs some help modifying the CSS for their WordPress site.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

This adds extra widgets and options to the SIteOrigin Page Builder.


This adds custom page and post types, as well as custom fields and taxonomies.

Varnish HTTP Purge

This helps manage Gandi’s hosting cache.

WP UserOnline

This tells me how many users are online or crawling my website at any time.

WPFront Notification Bar (currently deactivated)

WPFront Scroll Top (currently deactivated)

This adds a handy back to the top arrow on all pages.

WP Smush

This compresses any images I upload to my website.

WP Super Cache

This is another cache option I use to speed up the loading of my web pages.

WP User Online

This plugin allows me to see how many users are visiting my website at any point in time.



Google Analytics

This helps me track visitors to my website and see which pages they click on.



Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console

This helps search engines crawl my website and index the pages.


Other Tools

Filezilla (for Mac and Windows)

I use this for FTP uploads to my hosting.

Notepad++ (for Windows)

I use this for editing CSS, HTML and PHP code with ease.

Referer-spam.help (for Google Analytics)

Like I said earlier, spam sucks. Referral spam sucks too, so this connects to my Google Analytics account and removes all the spammy websites from my visitors list.

TextWrangler (for Mac)

I use this for editing CSS, HTML and PHP code with ease.