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When setting up a website from scratch one of the first things you need to do is find and purchase a domain name. There are many places to look for domain names on the internet, but Gandi is my go to registrar.

When first looking for a domain name I was overwhelmed with the choice of registrars; there are literally hundreds of them out there. They all offer different things, different prices and all have varying reviews from good to bad. I immediately knew I wasn’t going to use GoDaddy as I have seen numerous horror stories on the web about the poor customer service they offer.

I stumbled upon this article by Haje Jan Kamps on Medium shortly after I left Triggertrap where he lists all manner of things that startup companies need to think about.One of them is purchasing a domain name, and he recommended

I looked into Gandi and was very surprised, in a good way, about the services they offer when registering a domain name.

My privacy was something that I was concerned about when registering my domain name as I didn’t want my name, email address, postal address and telephone number listed in the public database. When registering a domain, your detains are needed and kept on the database, which is accessible to anyone. Fraudsters, scammer and spammers alike can all view you records. Companies like GoDaddy charge users a one off, monthly or yearly fee to protect your details on the database, but there are issues around who legally owns the domain. Then these services only work for a few select top level domains and and they only cover private users, not small or large businesses.

Now, Gandi’s motto is ‘No bullshit’ which, at first, I wasn’t sure I believed. After reading articles on their website, and the terms and conditions when purchasing the domain, I can say I whole heartedly agree with their statement. They provide you with FREE database protection. Earlier this year, they only covered personal accounts, but a few months ago they rolled this feature out to business accounts too. Great for self employed people, home and small businesses.

Gandi also provide you with lots of other benefits too, including 5 free email addresses on your domain, including aliases, free email forwarding to 1000 addresses and a free SSL certificate for the first year. However, the real bonus that caught my attention was the free 10 day hosting trial and 50% discount that they offer on the first years hosting plans. I knew this would come in handy because I needed somewhere to host this based website.

Now, after purchasing the domain, I took out the 10 day trial, installed WordPress, and configures everything to my liking. I was super pleased with its performance, reliability and ease of setup so I payed up for a full year on their ‘S’ sized simple hosting plan, minus 50%. I’ve been using it now for several months and I’m still really pleased with everything they offer.

I have only had to contact Gandi once, and they support they provided was excellent, and super-duper quick, but as it turned out, I just wasn’t patient enough during the creation of my simple hosting instance. Had I have waiting a little longer before sending my email, everything would have worked hunky-dorey without their help.


Overall I rate Gandi very highly and would totally reccomend them to anyone looking to purchase a domain name, SSL certificate or website hosting plan. They have affordable and reasonable pricing for everything they offer!