Numi for OS X

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Numi is an application currently under development for OS X, by Dmitry Nikolaev that acts as a much more sophisticated calculator than OS X’s default option. Numi’s appearance looks like a simple text editor, rather than a calculator, but its underlying power is incredible.

While Numi can be used for simple maths tasks like:

 “16 x 8?”

However Numi’s real power comes with its ability to understand text based instructions such as:

 “What is 140 divided by 5?”


 “What is 20% of £35?”

Numi’s can also do conversions, including, currency (with an internet connection for updated prices) length, speed and many more. It can also work out dates, averages, square roots, volume, weight and temperature. The list is almost endless. It even works with trigonometry (sin, cos and tan) as well as being able to round calculations. It can even handle CSS calculations!

 “What is today + 17 days?”

 “Round 10 divided by 3”


 “What is Sin30 x 5!”

Numi also has a dark mode, which changes the apps background from white to black, to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Overall, Numi is an incredibly powerful tool that should be used by everyone. Whether you are looking for a simple calculator or a much more advanced tool, Numi probably offers what you are after. Also, because it is still under development, ‘beta 6’ is the latest at the time of writing this post, you can send feedback and feature ideas, that might just be added in future releases.

There is also a comprehensive list of the included functions here as well as examples on how to use them.